Thursday, July 24, 2014

Louise's Ladies Stitching

     Our Louise's staff is always stitching on something when we are not at work.  Here is a sample of what two of the ladies are doing.

     Linda is working on an Associated Talents Halloween mask for a ceramic pumpkin we have hear in the shop.  There are lots of stitches and threads in this piece.  Associated Talents has a free stitch guide to go with this canvas but we did change a few things.  Linda used some Silken Straw which is new to us at Louise's Needlework.   Beads are a big part of this canvas and Linda is about to begin that process.

Karen, is new to us and is working on a Melissa Shirley piece.  She has only been stitching for about 2 years and she has taken to it like a duck to water!  She is fearless and will try any thread and and stitch and any combination of the two.  We love to see her progress on her canvases and Karen stitches extremely quickly so she completes all kinds of canvases.  

Next post we will have to see what Emily and Diane are working on!

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