Sunday, August 31, 2014

Karen is back at it again.  She pulled these out of her stash and is working on them again.  These are from her earlier days and she was not quite as daring with her stitching.  They are still beautiful even is she does not like to do a good bit of basket weave.

I finally got one of my stash projects done!  Another is off to the finisher and a third only needs beads and then it is off to the finisher.  It is great to pull out a piece in progress and "git 'er done!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I am still working on my & More canvas.  I thought I was finished with the third panel until I realized I still have some more upright crosses to go over the intersections of the Krienik.  I will finish that tonight and then be on to the 4th panel.  The XOXO will be in beads and done last.  The stitch guide calls for beading in a Tiny Kalem stitch.  I may do them in messy beading as I will be beading over some of the Ribbon Floss.  I am ready to finish this and pull the next item out of my stash!

Karen is at it again!  She finished the Melissa Shirley flower vase and is now on to this Associated Talents Crab.  Once again, she just plays with threads and stitches.  Some of her favorite threads are the Painters Threads Collection over dyed YLI, Gloriana, Gumnuts and Belle Soie.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Linda finished stitching the Associated Talents mask for a pumpkin we have in the store.  AT is nice  and puts free stitch guides on their website and Linda used that stitch guide for the most part.  She substituted threads and beads we had in stock and tried out some new threads as well.

The Mummy was an old cross stitch pattern Linda had and she counted it out on needlepoint canvas and used her stash for all of the threads and the piece allowed her to use lots of different stitches as well.  We just love him.

Diane finished her Shining Needle Society Soduko.  She had barely started the last time I posted but she said these little squares were like potato chips.  You can't do just one, you just keep stitching and stitching and before she knew it she was done.  I love this piece and may consider it for myself later (way later if you saw the size of my stash).

Friday, August 8, 2014

This &More canvas with stitch guide is my next Tuesday night project.  I took this class from Julia Snyder at a market and never finished it, so in keeping with my Tuesday night pledge to work on WIP's this is the next finish.  I am working on the 3rd section and I am in the process of laying the red YLI ribbon and tacking it down.  The stitch will be the Double Flower Small Trame stitch.  In the middle of the diamonds will be Double Crosses and the intersections of the ribbon are stitched down with Merino silk with an Upright Cross.  The XOXO will be beaded and I plan to do that last.  Watch for progress on this piece.