Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time to get back to blogging!

As one of my favorite customers has told me, it is time for me to get back to blogging again.  So, I am going to try to keep this up this time.

As all needlepointers know, our canvases call us at the strangest times.  My tend to call on me when I am procrastinating about something else I should be doing (like my books).  So when I feel the need to procrastinate I will stitch as it eases my anxiety about what I need to be doing.  Usually when I am very stressed, I tend to find something with basketweave so that I can watch TV and stitch without a lot of attention needed for the needlepoint.  So recently, I picked up a belt I started for my husband that is all basketweave and has the symbols for his Graduate School and favorite basketball team.  I realized when this item came to the store that it was a screen printed or computer printed canvas and not hand painted.  It was easy to tell as the canvas intersections were two different colors, not a big deal, I am an accomplished stitcher and I can manage with that.  However, much to my dismay,  the belt is printed crooked on the canvas.  I now have to figure out how to even out the belt so that I will have the same number of rows above the school letters as well as below.  It will take some work but I will see what I can do.  I do want to finish the belt but this does make the process less enjoyable and now it will be put on my procrastination list.  I did learn that I will probably not order from this particular vendor again and if I have to for a client, I will make sure that I can return the item if it is poorly done.  So for those of you who wince at the price of hand painted canvases, there is a reason they are more expensive.  You get what you pay for and you learn to appreciate the talent and time these artist put in.

Now I just have to figure out what will be the next canvas that calls me.  Remember those boring basketweave pieces though when you need to relax,  they will help.