Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another WIP back from the finisher!  This pillow has been years in the making and I am very happy with the outcome!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I have finished all but the beads on my XOXO & More canvas.  I have decided to do messy beading and I am just waiting on more beads to come in and it will be off to the finisher!  I love Julia Snyder's stitch guides and her classes.  She is very talented and creative.  This is the second of 4 classes that I have taken with her that have projects.  I am sorry that I waited so long to pick this canvas back up again.

My next project is "Trick or Treat" by Raymond Crawford with a Stitch Guide by Vicky DeAngelis.  I have changed a few of the stitches and threads just to suit my style but one of my favorite threads is used in this piece.  I absolutely LOVE the Holographic Kreinik threads.  This piece uses a green #8 braid #015L and it really sparkles.  I must be in a beading mode as there are plenty of beads on this piece.  I have done a few but still have more to go.  

All the pieces we post on here can be purchased from us at Louise's Needlework.
Diane is still working on her Pepperberry Snowman but we have one completed one back from the finisher and it is adorable!  I stitched this one and decided not to cut the turkey work for the Pom Pom and I love it.  I used the Turkey work stitch that ANG has on their website.  It goes so much faster than the way most books show the stitch.

Emily is back to working on Stirha Cauldron.  She is almost finished.  She is doing the Halloweenie series from Kelly Clark Needlepoint and using the stitch guides by Amy Bunger.  Stirha is moving along nicely and I hope to get a more completed picture up soon.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Diane is stitching this darling Pepperberry Snowman!  We had him as a class and had a great time.  We loved learning the padding for the brim of his hat.  Some of us turkey worked the pom pom on his hat and others did the twisted stitch.  We learned the reverse chain for the dark blue parts of the hat and that was much more fun than the traditional chain stitch.  This was such a fun piece and went fairly quickly.

Diane is another one of our speed stitchers, she has finished several other things but I cannot post them as they are gifts!  They will go up later in the year.