Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another finish from my stash!  This will be sent off to the finisher to be made into a box or a pillow, I have not decided yet but it is done!  This is a Raymond Crawford canvas with a stitch guide by Vicky DeAngelis.  I did change a number of things from the stitch guide but I do love this piece.  My next finish will be the & More XOXO canvas.  All that is left on that piece is beading and then it will be off to the finisher.  Watch for a photo of that soon!
Emily has finally finished Stirha Cauldron.  The canvas is by Kelly Clark Needlepoint and the stitch guide was by Amy Bunger.  These move pretty quickly but there are layers of stitching and LOTS of bouillon knots.  Emily is now the resident expert on bouillon knots!  You can see all of the knots in the lizards tails, the mouse's ears, Stirha's fingers and nose and the wood that is the base of the cauldron.  The bead work that is the foam coming out of the cauldron is amazing.
Diane can finally share her Alice Peterson Phantom Pumpkin!  This is a gift for her daughter and she used a Sudberry tray and fabric that we had here at the store to create a mat for the canvas.  This canvas comes with a stitch guide but like many of us she changed some of the stitches to suit her needs and to make the best use of the Rainbow Gallery Glow in the Dark threads.