Thursday, March 26, 2015

Karen, has just completed this Purple Palm Designs canvas and it is spectacular.  She played with variegated threads and how to stitch with them to get different effects.   Karen stitched with the variegated thread as it came off the skein to get the "striping" effect that we all know, she also separated the thread and turned every other strand to give her the tweed effect.  Her last usage of the thread is in the background where she again used the thread as it came but started basketweaving with it and then she began to "dance with the thread" as she calls it.   She did a basic basketweave to start and then began to skip a few threads and move ahead a few threads.  You have to pay attention to how the thread is "pooling" together and if it pools too much, you need to move around.  This all takes a good bit of practice and patience.  Your backs may not be as neat as usual but the end result is amazing.  Karen is quite talented and loves florals and animals as she really plays with stitches and threads.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Louise's is having our second Monthly Stitch In on Saturday February 21st from 12 to 3.  Bring a project, a snack and join us for fun and stitching!  Our address is 244 W. Olentangy St.  Powell, Ohio.  Our last stitch in was a blast, new friends were made and seeing everyone's projects was so much fun.

Emily is back stitching on her Halloweens by Kelly Clark Needlepoint with a stitch guide by Amy Bunger.    She has loved stitching this series and has become the master at Bullion Knots.  Pretty soon we will be able to post the entire series stitch by Emily.

Karen ususally stitches large pieces but has started a little Halloween village by Kathy Schenkel.  She adds these little pieces in to give herself a break from the big canvases.  Also,  little canvases allow her to use up her stash.

Diane is stitching the Town Square Shops from Bedecked and Bedazzled.  The canvases are by Ruth Schmuff and the stitch guides are by Robin King.  Her first finish is the shoe shop.  I love the lacing of the Ribbon on this piece.

Diane's second piece she is working on is from the Embroiderer's Guild of America and it is the Star Spangled Fandangle Patriotic Sparklers.  This series a Cyber class and if you send in a picture of all six stitched, you get a free pattern for a 7th piece.  However, you must be a member of EGA to participate.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Come and join us for an afternoon of good company and great stitching.  Bring your own lunch or snack, we will provide water and coffee.  Special surprise discounts will be available during Stitch-In hours from 12:00 until 3:00pm only.  Come and check out what's new at the shop and what we bring back from Market.  No fees just fun!

These are two of my mini Monthly Series from The Artists Collection.  The designer is Pat Thode of Heartstrings.  I have truly enjoyed this series and I only have 3 more to complete the series.  My favorite so far has been the July as I love the cream colored border.  I found an interesting stitch in an ANG stitch book and adapted the stitch to my own tastes.  I love changing the stitches and the threads.  If you don't want to change any stitches or threads that is okay as each canvas comes with its own stitch guide and thread list.

Diane stitched these 4 darling Associated Talents 3D Mini Cottages.  She finally had time to step away from her contract stitching and work on these.  I love her padded stitches on the columns and her peppermints.   These are a great fun little project and easy to transport.